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The city of Dana Point in Orange County is a medium-sized coastal city. It has a current population of 33,394 people living in six constituent neighborhoods. Living in any of these neighborhoods allows you to easily access beaches, restaurants, local shops, and more in the city.

One of the amazing perks about living in Dana Point is that it is nautical. This means that parts of the town are historic and touch the ocean or tidal bodies of water.

That’s why visitors and locals will often visit the city to take in the scenery or to enjoy waterfront activities.

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Dana Point belongs to the many captivating suburbs in south Orange County. You can enjoy it in more ways than one. Start knowing more about this town through its many neighborhoods.

Kids and kids at heart have a place to laugh and be merry in the parks in Dana Point.

Walk a mile or more without traveling far. Pick a hiking trail in  Dana Point and get ready for those captivating views as you go.

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With more sunny days than the rest of the country, Dana Point is an instant piece of paradise.

Home to many academic wins, schools in Dana Point welcome learners of any level. Find the ones best for your needs here.